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Kala Varso’s present activity…

Kala Varso intends to revive old practices such as traditional Reyan (gathering), which provides platform for knowledge sharing and mutual enrichment. Reyan is an important element contributing to cultural, social and professional progress of the community. It used to be organized among the members of a family and also with neighbors on different aspects such as Gujarath, Peroli, Hemari, Tuchka, Latifa, short stories, folk dance and folk music etc. Culture and social values were taught along with life style and professional specializations to each other through this medium. Due to the changes in life style this tradition is slowly diminishing. Reyan can be viewed as a platform to impart cultural values to the new generation.


Kala Varso

Many good musicians and singers are not known, as they live in far interiors of Kutch. Besides facilitating over 20 to 25 folk artists from distant areas in reaching out to urban audiences and potential patrons across the country, Kala Varso has started organizing traditional ‘Sangeet Raiyaan’ (gathering) in different villages on regular basis so that local artists get a stage and a platform to prove his mettle.Kala Varso Arranging Reyan at regular interval. About 110 artists have participated in this music gathering they have showered their performance one got experience from seniors.


Think It’s What You Need?

We work in entire Kutch district, which is geographically the second largest district in India. Since, we need to reach remotest corners of the district, we would like people, who are passionate about this activity, to join us voluntarily to help us document the activity as well as to locate new talents.